Month: January 2016

A Buyers Guide To Makeup Brushes

Makeup BrushesWhen it comes to applying your makeup, like any artist, it is worth investing in good quality tools. One of the most important tools in the application of your makeup is your brushes. Good brushes can make all the difference between your makeup looking ‘good’ and ‘great’.

Everybody wears different products and applies their makeup differently and so will require different brushes to suit their needs. The main brushes which I use on a regular basis are a brow brush, an eyeshadow brush and a face brush. These are basic brushes which are used by most of us on a daily basis and so it is worth buying the best you can afford. There are many other types of brush available for different purposes and it is up to you to decide which ones you need depending on the type of makeup you wear.

Although there are many different styles of brush available to buy, the key points to consider when choosing your brushes are –

Bristles – The bristles on a brush will be either synthetic or natural. Synthetic bristles are stiffer and offer a more controlled, precise application. These are therefore a good choice if you are working with liquid makeup products. Natural bristles are soft and allow more scope for blending so work well with powder based products. However, bristles are obtained from animals such as squirrels and rabbits so if this is an issue for you, stick with synthetic.

Cruelty Free – If you do not wish to use brushes with bristles obtained from animals, there are alternatives that are soft and perform much like a natural brush. Too Faced cosmetics have a great range of high quality, soft synthetic brushes. Other companies such as Younique make brushes using animal hair that has been obtained in a cruelty free manner.

Quality – Run your fingers through the bristles to see if there is evidence of shedding. Poorer quality brushes are much more likely to shed. Test brushes out by seeing how they feel against your skin. A good quality brush should feel comfortable to hold and easy to control.

Size – Some makeup products come with a brush included although these are usually very small and are designed to fit inside a compact and therefore are not the easiest to work with.

Whether you use two or three basic brushes or have an entire professional style roll, using these basic tips will help you to choose the best brushes for your needs.

Doing Your Manicure Should not Be That Hard

Doing Your Manicure Shouldn't Be That HardA nice manicure not only makes one look pretty, but it can also project a nice professional finish to your overall appearance. That said, doing it by yourself can take time, usually 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted time and can stretch for ages depending on whether you have done it correctly. Although quite expensive, going to a professional nail salon can be the best bet if you want a professional looking nails done.

Gel or Acrylic

Going to a nail salon is often daunting especially for first time ones. Do you like a regular manicure or an acrylic done? Have you thought about opting for a gel nail service instead? What type of design and color you want done? Do you like a French manicure? All of these questions can give a girl a hard time. Below are just some basics for the two most popular service available today and can give you a brief so that you will not feel lost when you step in a nail salon.

Acrylic nails. Acrylic has been a staple in the industry. It is usually made of powder, mix with some liquids and applied to the person’s nails. It might cover the nail or just the tip depending on how long or short you prefer it. Once the nail technician sculpt it, it is exposed to air to harden. One will also notice a strong smell during the application process and as such, one should do it in a well-ventilated room.

Acrylic nails are best for those who like to do-it-at-home as one can fix it if one breaks a nail or two. Removal is also easy as one can soak it with a polish remover instead of filing it off. It is also cheaper than gel.

Gel nails. Gel nails are the newest service that is being offered and is done by applying gel solution to the nail tips or the nail to extend length. As each coat is applied, nails are exposed to UV rays to cure or harden. No smell comes off when the gel solution is applied.

Gel nails tend to be more expensive than acrylic and doesn’t last longer however some do prefer it as it doesn’t smell and looks more natural than the later. To remove them however, one would need a professional to repair it as with acrylic, it grows out with one’s natural nail.


Choosing the Most Effective Eyelash Glue

Choosing the Most Effective Eyelash GlueMakeup can be a challenging medium to understand, particularly since each person has a different skin tone and different colors that help enhance eye color and facial features. For a lot of people, enhancing their eyelashes is a big draw, since they can be light-colored and therefore not as visible or thinner so they don’t enhance the eyes as well. For these people, fake eyelashes can be the way to go in order to improve their overall look and confidence in their makeup application.

The What and Why of Eyelash Glue

When it comes to eyelash glue, it is important to find a good brand that is effective. The glue can be clear, or black is a great alternative to give extra highlight to your eyes. When used correctly the glue should last for several hours in any temperature – enough to get you through a long day of work, and even into the evening as you enjoy a night out.

It is important to wait the right amount of time to allow the glue to reach the right consistency. Once it is applied, let it sit for 50 seconds or so. Once it is sticky enough to hold the eyelashes effectively, the eyelashes can be applied to your lids.

A Good Reason to Choose Quality Eyelash Adhesive

Using quality eyelash adhesive to apply eyelashes will enhance your look your for hours, in a variety of situations. Choosing the right adhesive means the eyelashes stay in place for the entire time that you intend to have them on, reducing the risk of losing them when you least expect it!

To protect your natural lashes, be sure that your eyelash adhesive does not cover your natural eyelashes. Hold the eyelashes above the bottle of glue to apply, rather than the reverse. If that does not work for you, try applying the adhesive to the back of your hand and using a toothpick or other narrow object to apply it accurately. Meanwhile, be sure to add a bit extra at the ends, as they tend to come loose more easily than the middle of the eyelashes.

Moving Forward with Eyelash Enhancements

With these tips, the time and effort you put into enhancing your eyelashes and showcasing your eyes, will be worth it. You can easily make your eyes your best feature, complimenting your makeup and unique style. Choosing quality eyelash adhesive is a major factor in successfully applying fake eyelashes, enabling you to enhance your natural eyelashes if they aren’t looking exactly how you would prefer your eyelashes to be.

The right eyelash glue can be the key to having your fake eyelashes stay in place as long as you need them to. This helps avoid embarrassing moments at a key meeting at work or on a first date. Be confident when you need to be. That promotion or landing your dream guy will be well within your grasp. It may not be all in the eyelashes, but they are so effective when it comes to boosting your confidence. In the end, that is the main goal of apply our makeup.


10 Makeup Tricks You Need to Know

Makeup Tricks1: Covering dark circles

Using an under-eye treatment rich in antioxidants is the most essential part in concealing the dark circles. It brightens your eyes and fights inflammation. Keep it for some time after applying so that the skin absorbs it. Then apply a moisturizing concealer under your eyes covering it up to the lash line.

2: Be primer smart

Smashbox Anti-Shine is the best primer which retains the makeup for a long time. Applying makeup without primer is like a cake without icing. You can apply it on your lips as a base to prevent bleeding and to make the lipstick last. For full pouty lips user primer slightly outside your lip line. It give a much better look than lip liners.

3: Choose the correct foundation

Moisturizer won’t work on your skin if you are 40 or older. Picking up the right foundation for yourself is essential. Foundation and concealer are used more intensely to look your skin bright in case you like in the above age category as your skin will have to come up to the right tone. Therefore you need to pay extra attention to your foundation.

4: Try liquid liner

Most of us avoid liquid liner because we find them difficult to apply. It is simple enough for everybody to learn. You need to understand the motion and you will easily get the knack for it. Move lightly at the lash line with pencil or eyeshadow of the similar shade to the liquid liner that you are using and trace the line with the liquid liner to perfect the shape.

5: Cream is powder

Experts have a preference when it comes to picking between cream and powder. Cream eye shadows makes your eyes look more mature and provides a glamorous look. Although you need to use neutrals otherwise it will look overdone and will spoil the magic. Also, remember to apply mascara only to the top lashes.

6: Brighten your cheeks

A little blush gives you the desirable look that you want and great makeup artist also agree with this. Shades of blush must be correctly picked to keep the look fresh and natural. Apply it backwards, towards the hairline for a more natural look. Keep it simple and keep it light. Also vary your blush according to the day and night makeups.

7: Perfect your brows

Your eyebrows must be perfectly in shape to give you a sharp appealing look. The area below your brows must be completely smooth once you are done with tweezing. Well shaped eyebrows make your eyes look bright even without makeup.

8: Mascara is a must

Mascara alone without any eyeshadow can make your eyes look amazing. Applying mascara is very simple and you can master it in a few strokes. Take the mascara and start rolling it over your lashes lightly till the tips. Beginners can use business cards and put them on your lower and upper lids to avoid smudging.

9: Light up your eyes

The complicated part is to make tired eyes look bright. Well the trick is quite simple, apply concealer on your inner top lid and the area under the eyes then dust with translucent powder. Keep the makeup simple and use lighter shades of eyeshadow only on the top lid and apply flat white shadow in the inner corners to make your eyes look lively.

10: Shop smartly

It is smarter to shop the entire makeup kit or a total-look kit rather than buying you kohl and lipsticks separately. The up side of this will be that you never go short on the best makeup products as well as save good amount of money as individual items are more costly. So be a pro and shop it all at once.